How Do I Purchase My New Structure?

You Submit the Order

There are two ways in which you can submit an order. You can find a distributor in your area and give them a call, or you can use our online software to design your own customized structure and instantly submit for a quote.

While ordering your structure, you have two payment methods. You can pay-in full, or you can Rent-to-Own. Learn more about our payment methods on our Pricing page..

We Build the Structure

Once your order is submitted, we begin your build. Our structures are built efficiently with only quality materials to ensure durability and low-maintenance. We build each structure strong and stout to retain the solidarity for many years of weather and use. We use 4x6 pressure-treated runners that resist rot and insects.

You Prepare the Site

While we build your structure. You can start preparing your site for the delivery and set-up of your new structure.

There are different methods of preparing the site for set up. For smaller structures, a solid, level surface will often suffice. For bigger structures, a better foundation may be necessary. We DO NOT recommend setting your structure on blocks. Blocks settle unevenly and can cause future damage to your structure.

One option is to prepare a gravel pad. It is best to have four inches of gravel underneath the building. Another option is a concrete pad. Either way, it is important that the surface is level.

Customer is responsible for building permits, homeowners associations and covenants.

We Deliver and Set-up

Our delivery crew uses custom equipment such as a tilt-bed trailer and a portable hydraulic mule. This equipment allows us to deliver structures up to 40 feet in length and set the structure in your desired position with minimal damage to your property. To ensure that we can use this equipment, the following conditions must be met:

Clear access to the desired location. (no fences, trees, power lines, etc.)
Ground conditions must be suitable to support the weight of the building and the moving equipment.